Preventative Maintenance

Furnace Maintenance

When the winter announces its arrival, it is time to think of calling Century City Heating Air for professional furnace maintenance service. Our furnace service experts have the skills and tools to perform deep furnace maintenance service and get your unit set for the cold season. Once our services are completed, your air conditioner will keep your house warm without any failure and goodbye expensive furnace repair in the middle of winter.

Century City Heating Air services are shaped to get your furnace working properly in the long term, that is, increase its lifespan to improve and safeguard the comfort of your home. Furnace maintenance along with furnace installation and repair services are some of the leading services we provide to our customers yearly. You can have our experts perform these furnaces services in your home right now by calling us at (424) 379-4293.

Enjoy Full Maintenance Service with Highly Competent HVAC Technicians.
A properly working furnace is the key to a peaceful and expense-free winter. Century City Heating Air is the top HVAC service that ensures that you go through the winter with no failing furnace, expensive energy bills, or furnace replacement needs. Our experts will perform furnace maintenance on your unit in a neat and organized manner. We will inspect your HVAC system, fix failing parts if necessary, and clean after completing our service.

Furnace Maintenance

When Should You Call Us for Furnace Maintenance Service?

For Preventive Reasons

There are many factors that should prompt you to perform furnace maintenance. The most common reason is prevention. Homeowners often choose to perform maintenance before the start of winter to make sure that their unit is in perfect working condition. Preventive furnace maintenance is the most important type of HVAC maintenance, and we highly recommend it to our customers. Most furnace breakdowns are due to the lack of preventive maintenance. Therefore, to be on the safe side, call our experts at least once a year to check your furnace and ensure that it is working properly before winter.

To Reduce Your Energy Bills

The cost of your energy bills depends on the condition of your furnace. A furnace that has not gone through maintenance for long often has tens of hidden issues that affect your energy bills at the end of the month. Our expert furnace maintenance service will detect all the underlying issues in your furnace and get them fixed at a very affordable rate.

To Strengthen Your Old Unit

If you are an owner of an old furnace, maintenance can help your furnace work without failure throughout the winter. During the maintenance service, our experts will examine your furnace to be sure that it has no serious issues and does not need immediate replacement. If, after inspection, they confirm that everything is good, they will fortify your unit for the winter.

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Safeguard The Comfort of Your Home In Winter – Call Century City Heating Air For Quality Furnace Maintenance Service

Century City Heating Air is the partner you need for all your furnace service needs and projects. Our services are adapted to our customers and are oriented to bring them and their families comfort at all times. In addition to all that we have the cheapest and most honest pricing in the city. With Century City Heating Air, you no longer have to ruin yourself to have your family sleeping in a warm room. We know you have been looking for a reliable and trustworthy furnace maintenance service, and fortunately for you, you have found us.
So, do not wait anymore and start preparing your furnace for the coming winter. Schedule an appointment with our furnace repair and maintenance technicians right now by calling us at (424) 379-4293. Century City Heating Air furnace service experts are at your disposal 24/7 – you call, and we come.

Preventative Maintenance

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Maintaining your air conditioning system and units is the key to making them last longer and perform better. It also helps you save money on energy bills. At Century City Heating Air, we provide professional Air conditioner maintenance services and guarantee that your unit will work effectively with optimum reliability. So when the summer comes, and you need to ascertain that your air conditioner is working properly and ready for the summer, call Century City Heating Air to schedule an accurate and effective AC maintenance service.

Keeping your air conditioning unit working properly does not only require the services of an HVAC specialist. Before our experts come to your home to provide more deep maintenance services, there are various maintenance tasks that you can perform at your home to better the performance of your air conditioning units or system.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Easy DIY Maintenance Tips

Clean or Change Your Air Filters Regularly

Replacing or cleaning your air filters is an efficient way of improving the performance of your air conditioners. We recommend that you change or clean your air filters once every two months. This way, you will prevent dust and other destructive debris from reaching your HVAC units and causing an HVAC system breakdown.

Clean Your Conditioner's Coils

Air conditioner coils are parts of your AC unit that tends to accumulate a lot of dirt over time. This accumulation prevents the proper escape of warm air out of your unit and thus reduces its efficiency. To prevent dirt from having deteriorating effects on your ac, we recommend cleaning your AC's coil with a brush at least once every six months.

Lubricate Parts Moving Parts Of Your Air Conditioning

Lubricating parts of your air conditioning is especially important if you own an AC of advanced age. Parts of your AC that require greasing are the ports leading to the fan or compressor. If you are not confident you can perform the task properly, call our experts for professional assistance. Owners of new or modern air conditioners do not need to perform this task since their units do not have these ports.

Check Your Unit's Wiring

Over time, electrical components of your AC unit can wear out and lead to the failure of your entire air conditioning system. This failure can be detected through AC malfunctionings such as your unit's refusal to turn on, poor distribution of cool air, or burning smells coming from your air conditioning system. Inspecting your air conditioning unit's wiring can prevent your unit's failure and protect your home from hazards such as house fires. When checking your wires pay attention to those closest to the borders of the unit. If you notice any abnormalities while your AC is on and can't fix them yourself, call us, and we will send an expert to check it out.

Hire the Best Air Conditioning Service Experts For AC Maintenance

Air conditioning maintenance is one of the essential services your air conditioning unit needs. Before the cooling season begins, remember to add AC maintenance to your to-do list and call our trained and licensed experts to perform the task. Our technicians will ensure that your AC is in the best condition to cool your home unfailingly all through the summer.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Schedule Professional Air Conditioner Maintenance Today

The summer is a period when people want to go on vacation, spend a good time with friends and family, and not worry about air conditioning. That is why we offer you our services – to preserve the comfort of your home and make sure that your holidays are free of AC troubles. In addition, Our AC maintenance services are the best and most affordable service in the city. You do not have to ruin yourself anymore to spend a summer in a cool environment. Century City Heating Air is the one and only HVAC service provider you can count on for installation, repair, and maintenance service.

Schedule an appointment with one of our experts today by calling us at #. We will come to your home as fast as possible to get your AC service working perfectly.

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